LP Stranieri

Tutti i dischi sono in ottimo stato di conservazione, sia come vinile che come copertina.
Si tratta di dischi in edizione originale o ristampe dell’epoca, non sono presenti dischi di recente fabbricazione.
Inoltre nel nostro negozio troverete tantissimi altri dischi qui non catalogati !

artistatitolonote prezzo
ABBAgreatest hitseuro10.00
ABBAthe visitorsUS editioneuro15.00
ACEfive-a-sideAnchor Rec.euro12.00
ADAMS BRYANwaking up the neighbours2lpeuro10.00
ALABAMAAlabama liveeuro8.00
ALABAMAmountain musiceuro8.00
ALABAMAjust useuro7.00
ALARM (the)declarationeuro8.00
ALARM (the)standardseuro8.00
ALESSIlong time friendsGermanyeuro9.00
ALMOND MARCthe stars we areeuro8.00
ALMOND MARCenchantedeuro10.00
AMBROSIAone eightyeuro12.00
AMERICAN BREED (the)pumpkin, powder, scarlet &…USeuro12.00
ANKA PAULitalianoRca LPM 10130euro50.00
ARGENThold your head upeuro13.00
ATOMIC ROOSTERlittle live roosterlive in London '72euro10.00
AVERAGE WHITE BANDfeel no freteuro10.00
BACK DOORBack doorediz.italiana + insertoeuro30.00
BACKHAUSEN PETERplanet showeuro10.00
BAEZ JOANfarewell angelinaeuro26.00
BAEZ JOANthe first 10 years2lpeuro20.00
BAEZ JOANlovesong album2lpeuro20.50
BAEZ JOANJoan Baez in Italyeuro13.00
BAEZ JOANblessed are….part 1euro9.00
BALLARD RUSSthe fire still burnseuro8.00
BAND (the)rock of agesUS 2lpeuro30.00
BARCLAYS JAMES HARVESTlive tapesediz.italianaeuro16.50
BARRABASheart of the cityeuro9.00
BASSEY SHIRLEYthis is my life (la vita)ediz.italianaeuro20.00
BEE GEESlife in a tin can edizione italianaeuro18.00
BEE GEESOdessa2lp - 2a ediz.italianaeuro20.00
BELL GRAHAMGraham BellUK - Charismaeuro18.00
BENATAR PATbest shotseuro9.00
BENATAR PATin the heart of the nighteuro10.00
BENATAR PATtropicoeuro8.00
BIG COUNTRYsteeltowneuro8.00
BIG COUNTRYpeace in our timeeuro8.00
BLACK OAK ARKANSASain't life grandeuro12.00
BLACK OAK ARKANSASrace with the devileuro12.00
BOLTON MICHAELtimeless (the classics)euro7.00
BOLTON MICHAELsoul providereuro9.00
BRAND Xlivestockeuro8.00
BRAND Xdo they hurt?euro8.00
BRAND Xproducteuro8.00
BREAD baby I'm a want youeuro15.00
BREAD on the watersVedette (ex)euro20.00
BREAD the best of Breadeuro8.00
BROOD (the)vendetta!euro10.00
BRUFORDgradually going tornadoHollandeuro12.00
BRUFORDfeels good to meeuro8.00
BUCKLEY TIMlook at the fooledizione italianaeuro18.00
BUCKLEY TIMgreetings from L.A.euro15.00
BUSH KATEthe whole storycopertina apribileeuro10.00
CARMEN ERICtonight you're mineeuro10.00
CARROL JIMI write your nameeuro8.00
CHEAP TRICKnext position pleaseeuro8.00
CHICAGOChicagocontiene 2 postereuro18.00
CHICAGOChicago XIVeuro8.00
CHIMES (the)the chimeseuro8.00
CHINA CRISISflaunt the imperfectioneuro9.00
CHRISTIANS (the)the Christians(1987) ed.italianaeuro10.00
CLAPTON ERICbacklessUSeuro12.00
CLAPTON ERICAugusteuro10.00
CLAPTON ERIC461 Ocean Boulevardeuro13.00
CLAPTON ERICbehind the suneuro13.00
CLIMAX BLUES BANDflying the flageuro8.00
CLIMAX BLUES BANDshine oneuro9.00
COCKBURN BRUCEdancing in the dragon's jawseuro12.00
COCKBURN BRUCEfurther adventures ofeuro10.00
COCKBURN BRUCEinner city fronteuro12.00
COCKBURN BRUCEhumanseuro10.00
COCKNEY REBELthe psychomodoeuro12.00
COLE LLYOD & THE C.easy pieceseuro8.00
COLE LLYOD & THE C.1984-1989euro10.00
COLLINS PHILHello, I must be going!euro8.00
COODER RYget rhythmeuro7.00
COUGAR JOHNamerican fooleuro8.00
CROCE JIMi got a nameeuro10.00
CULTURE CLUBchurch of the poison mindteuro8.00
CUNNINGHAM JOHN & PHILagainst the stormeuro9.00
DALTREY ROGERcan't wait to see the movieeuro8.00
DAYS (the)you can't fool meeuro9.00
DEFUNKTthermo nuclear sweateuro10.00
DEODATODeodato 2Ctieuro15.00
DEODATOhappy hoursigillatoeuro12.00
DESTRI JIMMYheart on a walleuro9.00
DETECTIVEit takes one to know oneeuro9.00
DeVILLE MINKsavoir faireeuro12.00
DeVILLE WILLYmiracleeuro10.00
DI MEOLA ALelegant gypsyeuro8.00
DICKEY BETTS & G.S.Dickey Betts & Great SouthernArista 4123euro9.00
DIE BRUDERtry to remember how to forgeteuro9.00
DIRE STRAITSlove over goldeuro13.00
DIRE STRAITSbrothers in armseuro16.50
DIRE STRAITSmoney for nothingeuro18.00
DISSIDENTEN Casablanca12" - orange vinyleuro15.00
DIVAmy sister's machineeuro10.00
DOOBIE BROTHERSthe best of Doobie Brotherseuro10.00
DR.FEELGOODlet it rollediz.italianaeuro12.00
DREGS (the)unsung heroeseuro10.00
DURAN DURANnotorious 12"euro6.00
DURAN DURANI don't want your love12"euro6.00
DYLAN BOB desirecontiene testieuro15.00
DYLAN BOB real liveeuro12.00
DYLAN BOB street legaleuro10.00
E.L.O.Elo's greatest hitseuro8.00
EAGLESon the bordereuro8.00
EARLY FROSTEarly FrostVsd 79392euro10.00
EAST OF EDENhere we go again…Germanyeuro10.00
EDMUNDS DAVEinformationeuro9.00
EKSEPTIONtrinityPhilips - ediz.ITAeuro15.00
EKSEPTION"bingo!"Philips - ediz.ITAeuro15.00
EKSEPTIONEkspetion 5Philips - ediz.ITAeuro18.00
EKSEPTIONbeggar Julia's time tripeuro18.00
EURYTHMICSin the garden ediz.italianaeuro16.50
EURYTHMICSsweet dreams(are made of this)euro10.00
EURYTHMICSbe yourself tonighteuro10.00
EURYTHMICSwe too are oneeuro9.00
EXUMAExuma IIeuro10.00
FACE TO FACEface to faceeuro9.00
FAIRGROUND ATTRACT.ay found kisseuro8.00
FAT MATTRESSFat MattressPolydor - ed.italianaeuro45.00
FERRAT JEANFerrat chante AragonFranceeuro12.00
FERRE' L?ola frimeFranceeuro12.00
FERRY B. & ROXY MUSICthe ultimate collectioneuro9.00
FERRY BRIANbete noireeuro8.00
FERRY BRIANthe high roadmini Lp - liveeuro8.00
FERRY BRYANin your mindeuro12.00
FIRM (the)mean businesseuro7.00
FIXX (the)phantomseuro10.00
FLAME DREAMsupervisioneuro10.00
FLESH FOR LULUsiamese twistEPeuro9.00
FLYING BURRITO BROSlive from Tokyoeuro12.00
FLYING BURRITO BROSflying againeuro10.00
FOGELBERG DANcaptured angeleuro12.00
FOGHATzig-zag walkeuro12.00
FRAMPTON PETERsgt. Pepper's lonely h.c.band2lpeuro10.00
FRANKIE GOES TO H.liverpooleuro8.00
FRANKS MICHAELsleeping gypsyeuro8.00
FREY GLENNno fun aloudeuro8.00
FRIDA something's going oneuro9.00
GABRIEL PETERso euro10.00
GABRIEL PETERIV(ex)euro10.00
GABRIEL PETERPeter Gabriel (1980)euro13.00
GARY U.S.BONDSdedicationeuro8.00
GENE LOVE JEZEBELtangled up in youEPeuro10.00
GENE LOVE JEZEBELkiss of lifeeuro12.00
GENESIStrespass2a ediz.italianaeuro15.00
GENESIStrespassUS - cop.apribileeuro18.00
GENESISseconds out2lp euro18.00
GENESISGenesis liveristampaeuro10.00
GENESISGenesis liverist. Successoeuro15.00
GENESISthe lamb lies down on Broadway2lp UK (ex)euro18.00
GENESISnursery cryme2a ediz. UKeuro22.00
GENESISfrom genesis to revelationristampa (ex)euro16.50
GENESISselling England by the poundediz.italiana (ex)euro16.50
GENESISturn it on againbest. '81-'83euro8.00
GENESISGenesis (1983)euro10.00
GODZthe third testamentristampa Base euro18.00
GOLDEN EARRINGgrab it for a secondGermanyeuro10.00
GORDON ROBERTbad boyeuro15.00
GREEN DAYkerplunklookout 46euro40.00
GREEN ON REDthe killer inside meeuro13.00
HACKETT STEVE please don't toucheuro13.00
HAGEN NINAangstloseuro12.00
HAGEN NINAekstasyeuro12.00
HAGEN NINAunbehagen(ex)euro12.00
HAIRCUT ONE HUNDREDpelican westeuro10.00
HALL & OATESlivetimeeuro10.00
HARRIS EMMYLOUcimarroneuro9.00
HARRISON GEORGEextra texture1a ediz.italianaeuro20.00
HARRISON GEORGEthe best of George Harrisoneuro20.00
HARRISON GEORGEgone troppoeuro9.00
HARRY DEBORAHrockbirdeuro8.00
HARRY DEBORAHdef, dumb & blondeeuro10.00
HAVENS RICHIEcommon groundeuro18.00
HEAD SHOP (the)the head shopeuro13.00
HENLEY DONI can't stand stilleuro8.00
HILLAGE STEVEmotivation radioeuro12.00
HILLAGE STEVEgreeneuro10.00
HILLAGE STEVEopeneuro10.00
HINE RUPERTthe wildest wish to flyeuro10.00
HOLLIES (the) pay you back with interesteuro15.00
HOLLIES (the) what goes around…euro10.00
HONEYDRIPPERSvolume oneeuro9.00
HOPKIN MARYpost cardSapcor 5 - Italyeuro45.00
HOTHOUSE FLOWERSpeopleeuro8.00
HOUSTON WHITNEYWhitneysigillatoeuro10.00
HOWE STEVEbeginnings1a edizioneeuro15.00
HUNTER IANshort back n'sideseuro10.00
ICICLE WORKS (the)birds flyEPeuro8.00
IN TUA NUAvaudevilleeuro8.00
ISAAK CHRIS silvertoneeuro10.00
J.GEILS BANDlove stinkseuro13.00
J.GEILS BANDhotlineJapan euro25.00
J.GEILS BANDnightmares…and others tales…cop.apribileeuro12.00
JACKSON JOEjumpin' jiveeuro12.00
JACKSON JOEbig world2lp + insertoeuro12.00
JAGGER MICKprimitive coolHollandeuro13.00
JAMES GANG straight shooter1a ediz. italianaeuro18.00
JAMES GANG Jesse come homeeuro10.00
JAMES GANG MiamiGermanyeuro12.00
JANUARY TYMEfist time from Memphisristampaeuro15.00
JAZZ BUTCHER fishcotequeeuro7.00
JEFFERSON STARSHIPdragon flyeuro12.00
JEFFERSON STARSHIPfreedom at point zeroeuro12.00
JETHRO TULLwar childristampa USeuro13.00
JETHRO TULLthe broadsword and the beastediz.italianaeuro18.00
JETHRO TULLbenefitristampaeuro15.00
JETHRO TULLlive - bursting out2lp - 1a ediz.italianaeuro25.00
JOEL BILLYthe nylon courtaineuro12.00
JOEL BILLYconcert - live in Leningrad2lp - Cbs 460407euro14.00
JOEL BILLY52nd streeteuro8.00
JOHN ELTONgoodbye yellow brick road2lpeuro16.50
JON and VANGELISthe friends of mr.Cairoeuro12.00
KILLING FLOORthe Killing Flooreuro10.00
KING CRIMSONislandsristampa euro18.00
KING CRIMSONearthbound1a ed.italiana (ex)euro23.00
LAMB ANNABELthe flameeuro8.00
LEE PEGGYlet's loveeuro8.00
LENNON JOHNrock'n'rollediz.italianaeuro13.00
LENNON JOHNcollectioneuro12.00
LIGHTFOOT GORDONdon quixoteeuro10.00
LIMBO MANIACSstinky grooveseuro8.00
LINDISFARNEhappy dazeUK euro15.00
LITTLE FEATfeats don't fail me now ediz.italiana - rist.euro10.00
LITTLE FEATrepresenting the mamboeuro12.00
LITTLE FEAThoy-hoy!2lp + insertoeuro20.00
LITTLE FEATthe last record albumUKeuro10.00
LITTLE RIVER BANDdiamantina cocktaileuro8.00
LITTLE RIVER BANDgreatest hitseuro10.00
LITTLE RIVER BANDtime exposureeuro10.00
LITTLE RIVER BANDfirst under the wireeuro8.00
LITTLE RIVER BANDsleeper catchereuro10.00
LIVEWIREchanges madeeuro10.00
LIVING COLOURstaineuro8.00
LOS LOBOSla pistola y el corazoneuro9.00
LUCIFER'S FRIENDsneak me ineuro10.00
LUCKY STRIKERSdon't you point that gun at mecopertina apribileeuro9.00
MADONNAthe first albumediz.italianaeuro15.00
MADONNAlike a virginediz.italianaeuro13.00
MADONNAtrue bluediz.italianaeuro13.00
MADONNAI'm breathlessediz.italianaeuro13.00
MADONNAlike a prayer Germanyeuro15.00
MADONNAsome 12" with original sleeves
MANFRED MANN'S EARTHchance Germanyeuro9.00
MANFRED MANN'S EARTHsomewhere in Afrikaeuro12.00
MARILLIONreal to reeleuro9.00
MARILLIONgarden partyEPeuro10.00
MARILLIONclutching at strawsediz.italianaeuro12.00
MARILLIONvigil in a wilderness of mirrorsediz.italianaeuro10.00
MARILLIONbrief encountermini LPeuro10.00
MARINO FRANK & M.R.world anthemeuro13.00
MARTYN JOHNsapphireeuro12.00
MASON DAVEold crest on a new waveeuro13.00
MATTHEWS IANstealin' homeyellow vinyleuro20.00
MCCARTNEY P. (WINGS)London town1a ediz.+ postereuro20.00
MCCARTNEY P. (WINGS)London townristampaeuro12.00
MCCARTNEY P. (WINGS)back to the eggeuro15.00
McCARTNEY PAULsay say say12"euro9.00
McCARTNEY PAULpipes of peaceeuro8.00
McCARTNEY PAULlive in CCCPeuro20.00
McCARTNEY PAULpress to playcopertina apribileeuro12.00
MEAT LOAFdead ringereuro10.00
MELLENCAMP JOHNwhenever we wantedeuro13.00
MERTENS WIMstruggle for pleasureMaso 33060euro50.00
MICHAEL G. / E. JOHNdon't let the sun go down on me12"euro8.00
MIDNIGHT FLYERmidnight flyereuro10.00
MIDNIGHT OILdiesel and dustcop.apribileeuro13.00
MIDNIGHT OILscream in blueliveeuro12.00
MILES JOHNstranger in the cityeuro10.00
MISSING PERSONSspring session meuro8.00
MITCHELL JONIhejiraUK euro16.50
MITCHELL JONIwild things run fastHollandeuro13.00
MITCHELL JONIdog eat dogHollandeuro13.00
MITCHELL JONIladies of the canyonediz.italianaeuro13.00
MOLLY HATCHET beatin' the oddseuro12.00
MOLLY HATCHET no guts…no gloryeuro12.00
MOODY BLUESoctaveeuro10.00
MOODY BLUESthe presentUS editioneuro13.00
MOODY BLUEScaught live + 52lp - ristampaeuro12.00
MORRISON VANinto the musiceuro10.00
MORRISON VANinarticulate speech of the hearteuro13.00
MORRISON VANavalon sunseteuro9.00
MORRISON VANa period of transitioneuro9.00
MORRISON VANbeatiful visioneuro12.00
MORRISON VANpoetic champions composeeuro10.00
MOTELSlittle robberseuro10.00
MOTORS (the)tenement stepseuro13.00
MOYET ALISONalfeuro7.00
MURPHEY MICHAELswans against the sun euro9.00
NAME (the)dangerous timeseuro7.00
NAME (the)promiseeuro7.00
NATURAL GASnatural gascop.apribileeuro15.00
NEELEY TED1974 a.d.euro8.00
NEVILLE BROTHERSuptowneuro8.00
NEW COLONY SIXat the River's edgeorange vinyleuro15.00
NEW ENGLANDNew Englandcanadianeuro9.00
NEW MODEL ARMYno rest for the wickedg/foldeuro15.00
NEW MODEL ARMYimpurtyg/foldeuro10.00
NEWMAN RANDYtrouble in paradiseeuro9.00
NEW ORDERthieves like us12"euro7.00
NEW ORDERshellshock12"euro10.00
NEW ORDERblue Monday12" - UKeuro13.00
NICE (the)five bridges1a edizioneeuro20.00
NICE (the)ars longa vita brevisristampaeuro10.00
NOVA MOBthe last days of pompeieuro9.00
OLDFIELD MIKEearth movingeuro8.00
OLDFIELD MIKEtubulars bellseuro8.00
OLDFIELD MIKEplatinumeuro8.00
OLDFIELD MIKEcriseseuro7.00
OLDFIELD MIKEhergest ridgeediz.italianaeuro10.00
OLDFIELD MIKEthe complete Mike Oldfield2lpeuro14.00
OPUS Xchillwackeuro10.00
ORCHIDS (the)the Orchidseuro10.00
OUTLAWSlos hombres maloeuro8.00
OUTLAWSghosts riderseuro8.00
OUTLAWSin the eye of the stormeuro10.00
OUTLAWSplayin' to wineuro8.00
PALMER ROBERTdon't explain2lpeuro10.00
PALMER ROBERTdouble funeuro8.00
PENSE LYDIA & COLD B.cold bloodUS editioneuro16.00
PHILLIPS ANTHONYprivate parts & piecesUS - Passport Rec.euro12.00
PIERRE MOERELN'S GONGdownwindediz.italianaeuro15.00
PITNEY GENE Pitney italianoMRL 699euro70.00
PLAN 9ham and sam jammin'euro10.00
POCOa good feelin' to knoweuro13.00
POCOblue and grayeuro9.00
POCOunder the guneuro8.00
POCOhead over heelseuro9.00
POCOcowboy and englishmeneuro8.00
POCOthe very best of Poco2lpeuro14.00
POLICE (the)zenyatta mondattaeuro13.00
POTTER & EVANSthe long hello - volume twoeuro12.00
PRESSION X Pression XEPeuro10.00
PRETENDERSlearning to crawleuro8.00
PSYCHEDELIC FURSmirror moves euro10.00
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.happy?Germanyeuro15.00
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.nine (9)(ex)euro12.00
RASCALS once upon a dream con insertoeuro40.00
REED LOULou Reed live take no prisoners2lp ediz.italianaeuro30.00
RIDGWAY STANthe big heateuro12.00
ROLLING STONESstill lifeeuro15.00
ROLLING STONESthe Rollling Stonesrist. Holland euro20.00
ROLLING STONESmetamorphosisUSeuro18.00
ROLLING STONESsome girlsediz.italianaeuro20.00
ROLLING STONESthei satanic majesties requestristampa ed.italianaeuro16.50
ROLLING STONESlove you live 2lp - ediz.italianaeuro28.00
ROLLING STONESemotional rescueedizione italianaeuro13.00
ROXY MUSICavaloneuro9.00
ROXY MUSICviva!euro15.00
RUBETTES Rubettesediz.italianaeuro13.00
RUFUSseal in redeuro10.00
RUTHERFORD MIKEsmallcreep's dayeuro8.00
SANTANAamigos1a ediz.italianaeuro15.00
SANTANASantana 3ristampaeuro9.00
SANTANASantana 32a ediz.italianaeuro15.00
SANTANA e B.MILESlive1a ediz.italianaeuro18.00
SASSAFRASriding higheuro13.00
SAVOY BROWNthe bestUKeuro18.00
SCRITTI POLITTIprovisioneuro8.00
SEDAKA NEILsmileRca LPM 10181euro40.00
SEGER BOBlike a rockeuro8.00
SEGER BOBnine tonight2lpeuro14.00
SEGER BOBagainst the windeuro9.00
SEGER BOBnight moveseuro9.00
SHAW SANDIESandie ShawSip 17 - ediz.italianaeuro25.00
SHERBSthe skilleuro8.00
SHOCKED MICHELLEcaptain swingeuro8.00
SIMON PAULone trick ponyeuro8.00
SIMON PAULthe rhythm of the saintseuro8.00
SIMPLE MINDSsparkle in the raineuro9.00
SIMPLE MINDScelebrationeuro12.00
SIMPLE MINDSstreet fighting yearseuro10.00
SIMPLE MINDSreal lifeeuro8.00
SIMPLE MINDSonce upon a timeeuro8.00
SMOKIEgreatest hitseuro9.00
SPANDAU BALLETdiamondSwedeneuro8.00
SPARKSterminal jiveeuro10.00
SPEAR OF DESTINYone eyed jackseuro9.00
SPIDER Spider (1980)euro9.00
SPIRITfuture gameseuro12.00
SPIRITson of Spiritedizione italianaeuro18.00
SPITTIN' IMAGEthe boy's a dancereuro8.00
SPLITZ ENZtrue colourslaser vinyleuro15.00
SPRINGFIELD RICKsuccess hasn't spoiled me yeteuro9.00
SPYRO GYRAaccess all areas2lpeuro15.00
SPYRO GYRAcarnavaleuro10.00
STARR RINGO"Ringo" (1973)ediz.italiana + insertoeuro28.00
STARR RINGObeaucoups of blues1a ediz.italianaeuro60.00
STEELY DANgoldeuro9.00
STEELY DANajaeuro9.00
STEPPENWOLFthe secondristampa (Germ.)euro12.00
STEVEN LITTLE freedomeuro8.00
STEVENS CATizitsocopertina apribileeuro10.00
STEVENS CATforeignereuro10.00
STEVENS CATcatch bull at foureuro12.00
STEWART ALyear of the cateuro12.00
STEWART DAVEand spiritual cowboyseuro8.00
STEWART ROD atlantic crossingeuro8.00
STEWART ROD camouflageeuro7.00
STEWART ROD tonight I'm yourssiglillatoeuro8.00
STEWART ROD a night on the towneuro9.00
STEWART ROD foolish behaviourcon mega-postereuro10.00
STEWART ROD the best of Rod Stewarteuro8.00
STEWART ROD blondes have more funpicture disceuro20.00
STINGthe dream of the blue turtleseuro8.00
STINGnada como el soleuro10.00
STING…nothing like the sun2lpeuro12.50
STRANGEMANthe strangemaneuro10.00
STRANGLERS (the)felineeuro10.00
STRANGLERS (the)IVUKeuro15.00
STRANGLERS (the)dreamtimeeuro12.00
STRANGLERS (the)titolo : 10euro9.00
STRANGLERS (the)aural sculptureeuro10.00
STRAY CATSgonna balleuro13.00
STREISAND BARBRAa Christmas albumeuro10.00
STREISAND BARBRAemotioneuro10.00
STREISAND BARBRAtill I love youeuro9.00
STUMPa fierce pancakeeuro7.00
STYLE COUNCILout favourite shopediz.italianaeuro15.00
STYLE COUNCILhome & abroadeuro12.00
STYXKilroy was hereeuro10.00
STYXparadise theatre euro15.00
STYXStyx IIeuro10.00
SUPERTRAMPeven in the quietest moments…euro8.00
SUPERTRAMPfree as a birdGermanyeuro10.00
SUPERTRAMPlive '88euro9.00
SUPERTRAMPlady tourlive 1976euro15.00
SUPERTRAMPbrother where you boundeuro9.00
SUPERTRAMPcrime of the centuryeuro12.00
SUPERTRAMPbreakfast in Americaeuro12.00
SWEEToff the recordUS (ex)euro10.00
SWEETthe Sweet Bell 1125euro16.50
SWEETcut above the restediz.italiana (ex)euro12.00
SWEETthe golden greatseuro15.00
TANGERINE DREAMphaedraeuro13.00
TANGERINE DREAMlogoseuro13.00
TANGERINE DREAMle Parceuro12.00
TANGERINE DREAMricocheteuro13.00
TEENAGE FANCLUBthe peel sessionsEPeuro10.00
TEN CClook heareuro10.00
The THINGfrom another world!euro10.00
THEN JERICOthe big areaeuro8.00
THOMAS RAYfrom mighty oakscopertina apribileeuro15.00
THOMPSON TWINSbig trasheuro8.00
TOTOturn backcontiene insertoeuro10.00
TOWNSHEND PETEthe iron maneuro10.00
TOWNSHEND PETEwhite cityeuro9.00
TROWER ROBINcaravan to midnighteuro8.00
TUBES (the)love bombeuro10.00
TUBES (the)young and rich1a ediz.italianaeuro13.00
TURNER TINAlive in Europe2lp + insertoeuro16.50
TURNER TINAwhat's love got to do with iteuro10.00
TZUKE JUDIEwelcome to the cruiseeuro10.00
UKnight after nightUSeuro9.00
UKdanger moneyeuro8.00
U2 vari Lpeuro
ULTRAVOXVienna1a ediz.italianaeuro15.00
UTOPIAoblycon1983 - Passporteuro12.00
VANGELISalbedo 0.39copertina apribileeuro13.00
VANILLA FUDGEthe beat goes onUK edition euro18.00
VARTAN SYLVIESylvie Vartan - Lsp 10205busta chiusa euro35.00
VAUGHAN STEVIE RAYsoul to souleuro9.00
VISITORSno sign of intelligent lifeUSeuro9.00
WAITE JOHN rover's returneuro9.00
WAITS TOMFranks wild yearseuro20.00
WAITS TOMblue Valentineristampaeuro20.00
WAKEMAN RICKgole'euro10.00
WAKEMAN RICKthe six wifes of Henry VIIIeuro8.00
WAKEMAN RICKcost of livingeuro10.00
WAKEMAN RICKthe myths and legends of King..ediz.italianaeuro15.00
WAKEMAN RICKwhite rockeuro8.00
WAKEMAN RICKcriminal recordcontiene testieuro9.00
WAKEMAN RICKno earthly connectioneuro12.00
WALKER JERRY JEFFtoo old to changeeuro10.00
WALSH JOEbut seriously, folks…euro9.00
WALSH STEVEschemer dreamerHollandeuro10.00
WATERBOYS (the)the Waterboys (1983)ediz.italianaeuro13.00
WEATHER REPORTmr.goneeuro8.00
WEBB JIMMYel mirageediz.italianaeuro13.00
WELL WELL WELLdangerous dreamseuro7.00
WHAM!the final2lp - con insertieuro14.00
WHAM!make it bigeuro8.00
WHO (the)it's hardedizione italianaeuro15.00
WHO (the)live at Leedsristampa euro15.00
WINGSgoodnight tonight12" US editioneuro15.00
WINWOOD STEVEchronicleseuro10.00
WINWOOD STEVEarc of a divereuro12.00
WINWOOD STEVEtalking back to the nighteuro10.00
WINWOOD STEVEback in the high lifeeuro9.00
WINWOOD STEVEroll with iteuro9.00
WONDER STEVEthe original musiquarium 12lpeuro14.00
WORKING WEEKworking nightseuro8.00
WYMAN BILLstone aloneUS editioneuro15.00
Xain't love grandediz. italianaeuro12.00
YESgoing for the oneediz. italianaeuro18.00
YESclose to the edge2a ediz.italianaeuro15.00
YESthe Yes albumristampa 1976euro16.50
YEStime and world2a ediz.italianaeuro25.00
YOUNG JOHN PAULlost in your loveeuro8.00
YOUNG NEILrust never spleeps euro15.00
YOUNG NEILdecade3lpeuro35.00
YOUNG NEILold wayseuro13.00
YOUNG NEILcomes a timeeuro12.00
YOUNG NEILreactoreuro8.00
YOUNG NEILeverybody's rockin'euro12.00
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